5 Rap Songs that give Bad Money Management Advice




I really like rap songs.  I get pumped up listening to Hip Hop and Rap when I go to work, when I go to the gym or when I just want to get pumped up for no reason at all.  I never liked rap songs when I was younger.  It sounded repetitive and the rappers use bad grammar.  The subject matter also seemed rather lame and I did not like the culture of flaunting wealth that rap videos never fail to show time and time again.  I was a true, blue rock fan.  I enjoyed all genres of rock.  Depending on what point in life you met me, you would probably remember me as a metal head, a punk rock lover, an old-school rock guy… etc.  But alas, rock died the day Creed appeared and their CDs filled up the Rock section in HMV.


After listening to all the rock songs and knowing each and every song by heart, I went on to listen to death all the other genres of music like Jazz, reggae, blues, dance, EDM…  Until I had no other genre to explore except Hip Hop and Rap.  Slowly but surely, I became a fan.  I started to understand what it stood for and its appeal.  The rag to riches story, bragging rights and gangster drama.  The catchy, heavy beats.  The mad lyrical verses.  Listening to rap makes me feel like I can overcome any obstacles in my path!


Rap music tend to centre around the theme of MONEY.  However, many rap songs don’t deal with that subject properly.  In fact, they encourage lavish spending on bling-bling, and buying fast cars.  As I become a financial blogger, I start to feel slightly perturbed by rap music that teach bad money management.  I hope the fans have the common sense to distinguish what’s for ‘fun’ and what’s for real.


Anyways, I decided to list 5 Rap songs that give bad money management advice… just for fun, yo~!



5.  Pitbull, Neyo – Time of Our Lives


“I knew my rent was gon’ be late about a week ago
I worked my ass off, but I still can’t pay it though
But I just got just enough
To get up in this club
Have me a good time, before my time is up
Hey, let’s get it now”


Pitbull may have a PhD in Partying but he will probably score a big fat zero for money management.  If you got no money to pay the rent, you should be brainstorming for ideas and not blowing away your hard-earned savings on Cristal.  Follow this advice and get ready to be kicked out of your home and live like a bum on the streets.  I like Pitbull’s other songs but this one honestly sucks.  You will be getting all excited for a party and then, someone has to come and remind you that you can’t pay rent.

Totally Anti -Climax, dude…


4.  Lil Wayne –  Got Money

“If you got money, and you know it
Take it out your pocket and show it
Then throw it like
This a way (uh huh)
That a way (uh huh)
This a way (uh huh)
That a way (yeah)”

Ok, I hate songs with auto-tune.  Using auto-tune to make songs is like using a dictionary at the spelling bee.  It’s cheating!  Anyway, if you are a rap fan, you will probably think Lil Wayne is full of shit.  This song is pretty shit too.  The lyrics tell you to take the money, show it to people, and then throw it around.  The video also shows them robbing a bank and then proceeding to throw the money around.  Wait what?  Yes. It’s Lil Wayne.

This doesn’t make sense!  Why can’t they rap about donating excess money to the orphanage or the old folks home?  How about using the excess money to fund cancer research or to build schools for children in Cambodia?

And why would you want to take out all your money and show it to people?  That’s like asking to be robbed and murdered.  Try doing it in the slums of ___________(insert Third World Country here).

Lil Wayne, your songs suck, your lyrics suck, you can’t rap and there are no hot girls in your videos. Boo!


3. Jermain Dupri – Money ain’t a thang ft Jay Z

“In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes
With the top down screamin out
Money ain’t a thang

Bubble hard in the double R flashin the rings
With the window cracked, holler back
Money ain’t a thang

[Jermaine Dupri]
Jigga, I don’t like it if it don’t gleam clean
And to hell with the price
cause the money ain’t a thang”


I actually like this song.  And that’s what makes it so dangerous!


Every time I listen to this song I feel like buying the next expensive thing I see and then say “Money ain’t a thang!”  This song makes me feel rich when I am not rich.  Heck, if a bum listened to this song, he will probably spend all his pennies on a gold chain and walk down drunk in the streets yelling “Money ain’t a thang!”.

Curse Jermaine and Jay-Z for coming up with that catchy phrase!


2.  Wiz Khalifa – Phone Numbers

“Time is money so I went and bought a Rolex (bought a Rolex)”

Although I like this song too, I don’t understand the line that keeps being mentioned above.  Time is money so I went and bought a Rolex.

Erm, like, I don’t think it works that way?  When people say Time is Money they are trying to mean that time is precious, or that time is used to make money.  So, by equating that with buying a Rolex… I don’t really see a link.  Does buying a Rolex means you can tell people your time is precious?  Does buying a Rolex means that you have invested your time well to buy an expensive watch?  Does looking at your Rolex reminds you that Time is Money?

One sentence.  So many questions.



1.  Rae Sremmud – Throw Sum Mo ft Nicki Minaj, Young Thug

“You just got cash, blow some mo’
Blow some mo’, blow some mo’
The more you spend it, the faster it go

How I’m throwing all this money, I’ma f*** around and buy her
I can flick the money all night til’ my wrist tired (tired)
If you put in work, this the night you gon’ retire (retire)
You a bad bitch, I ain’t even gon’ deny ya
She told me throw that money, I said make it worth my while
I’m bout’ to empty out the ATM, (throw it throw it throw it)”


This song is like every guy’s nightmare come true.  Get your bonus or payday, go and party, start thinking with the wrong head, and soon you will empty out your ATM.  Then, you will wake up the next morning and wonder where the hell did all your money go to?

Yes, you probably blew it all on some Succubus.  You got enticed by a gold digger.  You let horniness get the better of you and now you are just a poor bum.

In fact, if I could modify the lyrics, I would probably get Nicki Minaj to rap, “You just got cash, now divide it into 3 parts.  One for savings, one for expenses and one for investments.  Make sure you have an emergency fund too.  And when you party, just budget yourself by drawing out your budgeted amount and leave all your ATM or Credit Cards at home.”


Hell, I think my advice is so good I probably should start my own rap artiste management company.  I would call it Frugal Gangsta$.  My artistes will rap about insurance and will-planning.  Our music videos will show us cutting coupons and cooking healthy meals instead of eating out.  They will also be dressed in the same clothes for every video to save money.  We will also have a scene which shows them driving safely at 60km/hr in their Mitsubishi Lancers.  Heck, they should probably be rapping on public transport and all the other passengers will be dancing around them.  They will also rap about the benefits of sleeping early instead of going clubbing.

Then with the Free Cash Flow generated from Frugal Gangsta$, I will use the money to do a Carl Icahn-like take over of  Spotify and focus all efforts on crushing Tidal.  Suck it, Jay-Z!


What a great idea.  If you would like to be a part of this great business idea, like the Bf Gf Money Blog FB page or subscribe below.  Let me know in the comments, what subject matters should Hip Hop artistes rap about!

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