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The Gf and I haven’t gone for a holiday in a long time.  So far, we can only afford to go on holidays around the Asia region.  In this blog post, I would like to share with you one of the most memorable holidays we had in Redang with 2 of my friends, also a couple.


This holiday was extremely significant for me as it came at an important crossroads of my life.  I took this holiday 2 days after I resigned from my job.  It also happened that I was also in the midst of buying over a business and the negotiations were only 50% done.  I also went on this holiday in the year 2012, when my dividend income reached $1.7k annually, so I was pretty happy that my dividends more than covered the holiday expenses.


It was also an important holiday for my friend.  While I was quitting my job to take a 3 -day break before launching into a new business, my friend was quitting his life as a freelancer to take up a full-time job.  What irony!


The idea for this holiday came when we were having beer at our favourite coffee shop which we call  the “Multi-Racial Kopitiam”, or MRK for short. We called it MRK because during one particular New Year, a group of Chinese and Indian old men joined forces with a group of young Chinese and Malay teenagers in a drunken revelry to sing Hokkien songs.  One old man was even strumming a banjo.  No, I was not drunk when that happened.  Bless our multi-racial Singapore!


So, while discussing about our stages in life over Tiger Beer, my dear friend revealed he was stuck in a dilemma.  He had spent 2 years freelancing and building his brand and reputation but the impending payments of his upcoming BTO flat meant that he would need a more stable source of income to meet the mortgage payments. The job offer not only gave stability, but also a much higher salary. It was a tough spot to be in. The decision for me, on the other hand, came very easily.  I was working 12-13 hours every weekday on average, and 6-8 hour days on Saturdays. My manager ( a really great guy) had come up to me and said, “Hey Jerry, I think we will soon need to work alternate Sundays.”  That meant that I only got 2 days break per month. I was having fun at the job and would have probably stayed for 1 more year but when the news came, I thought, Screw this shit, it’s time to take the plunge now since I am still young.


“We need a holiday man.  I just wanna go to the beach, drink coconut juice, and do nothing,” I said.


I felt burnt out.  I was spending every weekend (or what’s left of it) sleeping, while the Gf would watch me sleep.  We decided to go to Redang.  My friend would bring his fiance, I would bring the Gf and it would be a double-date, holiday trip.


We decided to buy bus tickets from Golden Mile and take a 10 hour bus ride to Redang.  We thought a 10hr bus ride was nothing, having taken a 30 hour train-ride from Ho Chin Minh to Hanoi before.


“Use the 10 hours to sit and think whether you are gonna continue freelancing, or take up the full-time job offer,” I said.


“Yeap,” my friend agreed with a blank stare.


He knew he had to come to a hard decision sooner or later.


So we met at Golden Mile that night.  Ate some super awesome Thai Food, and set off on our journey .  I shall now let the pictures tell the story.


But to achieve the full effect of this post, I would recommend that you play the Youtube MTV and enjoy the music while you scroll down!  ( This is the theme song for Redang by the way!)

Richie Ren 任賢齊 & Ah Niu 阿牛 – Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo 浪花一朵朵




Redang holiday passive income -2

Finally we reached!


Redang holiday passive income -3



Thank god for the sun!


Redang holiday passive income -4

Off we go to the sunny island of Redang!


Redang holiday passive income -6

Redang holiday passive income -11

Sun, Sand, Sea.  ‘Nuff said.


Redang holiday passive income -10



Redang holiday passive income -9



Redang holiday passive income -8





Redang holiday passive income -7


Redang holiday passive income -13




Redang holiday passive income -15

Redang holiday passive income -14


Redang holiday passive income -17


How do you like my sexy legs?


3 days 2 nights of bumming, lazing on hammocks and snorkeling.  The waters in Redang are as blue as the pictures I have shown you here.  In the morning, we will eat a luxurious buffet breakfast, then go for a snorkeling trip.  In the afternoon, we will eat a bountiful buffet lunch, then go on another snorkeling trip.  We will return late afternoon to laze on the beach and snorkel some more.  At night, we feasted like kings, chilled out with beer and cocktails at a music bar.

The corals are brightly-coloured and the fish are aplenty.

The sun is bright and generous.

The food consists of beef rendang, eggs with sunny-side up, bacon, mutton, chicken, chendol……*DROOL*

Everywhere we go we hear the Richie Ren and Ah Niu song.

Redang holiday passive income -19




Redang holiday passive income -18


Redang holiday passive income -20


Redang holiday passive income -21




Redang holiday passive income -22

Watching sunsets by the beach…


Redang holiday passive income -23

Feasting every night…


Redang holiday passive income -26

Here is a romantically-lit house where the famous Redang show was filmed.

Redang holiday passive income -25


Redang holiday passive income -27

A refreshing island cocktail for the Gf.  I stick to beer.

Redang holiday passive income -28

The band was probably playing the Redang theme song again.


Redang holiday passive income -29

A breakfast for CHAMPIONS.

Redang holiday passive income -33


Redang holiday passive income -32

That’s me lazing on a hammock under coconut trees.



Redang holiday passive income -34

After the holiday was over, it was another long 10 hr bus ride back.  I would occasionally sneak a peek at my friend to see how he was coming along with his internal monologue/conflict.  But he managed to come to a conclusion.  He took up the high-paying job and he is now happily living in his new BTO with his wife.  Their very first baby is coming soon!


Redang holiday passive income -35                        

As for me, I jumped straight into my new business 1 day after my holiday.  The Gf and I are still working hard, doing our best to build the life that we desire.  This picture you see above is used as my handphone wallpaper.


I haven’t changed the wallpaper since that holiday in 2012.  I look at it everyday to remind myself of the life I am fighting for.


More beach holidays!  More travelling!  More adventures!


Dear Reader,

Hopefully one day, I will get to meet you too, lazing by a beach, with a pina-colada in your hand, chilling and relaxing…


Living the passive income dream.


You can have a Passive Income Holiday too!

If an average joe like me can enjoy a passive income holiday, you my smart reader, can do it to.

However, you cannot jump straight into it just like that as you may end up losing all your money!

You need to get educated first.  You need to gather the right knowledge. You need to build the right mindset.

But once you got that covered, the rest of your time is spent waiting, doing nothing


Hand off, automated.

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Long-term investing is the suitable for those who like to do nothing and watch your money grow and compound!

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  1. sean

    Hi Jerry, What kind of job did your friend take up actually?

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      Hi Sean, it’s classified. I’m serious.

  2. Clueless Punter

    I really enjoyed your article, I hope you are doing well with your new business now. It resonates with me because I left my job where I was unhappy to finally take on something which I had always been thinking about but did not have the conviction. I also took a short trip when I tendered my resignation, I suppose we all do to fray our nerves. Almost 1 year on, I have never regretted my decision.

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      Live Without Regrets!

  3. Anon


    When you said your dividend reached 1.7k per annum, what is the rate-of-return relative to yourvestment for that year? Or

    How much is your total amount invested for that year to earn 1.7k?

    Thank you!

    1. Jerry (Post author)

      Hi There,

      Hey man it’s nothing amazing. There are many investors and investment bloggers out there who easily earn more than 1.7k per quarter in dividends!

      I am just a small fry.

      I can’t remember how much was the total amount invested then. Even if I did, I don’t feel comfortable revealing specific numbers.

      You can see my portfolio holdings here though : http://bfgfmoneyblog.com/bf-gf-portfolio-and-other-financial-updates/


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