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When the Gf first laid her eyes on the Bf, she thought that he had the most kiam pak face she had ever seen.  When the Bf first laid his eyes on the Gf, he thought he had met the most bimbotic girl in the world.


But after getting to know her better, the Bf decides that she is the one and decides to chase her.  Luckily, even though he has a kiam pak face, he still managed to woo her over with his charm, wit, and six-packs abs.


The Bf left his full-time job many years back to chase his childhood dream of being an entrepreneur.  The Gf completed her part-time degree and is now an engineer.  With their BTO coming in a few years time, this couple must get their finances in shape to prepare for their move into the next phase of life.


The Bf Gf Money Blog started when the Gf decided to impose a saving regime by setting up a joint account.  The Bf suggested starting this blog as a way to chart their financial journey and to share their money management and investment strategies.  He also thought that the blog would be a fun couple project to do together.  Hence, the Bf Gf Money Blog was created on February 2015.


We believe in frugality.  We believe in long-term investing.  We believe in becoming financially free.


We strongly believe in living meaningful lives.


We are still on our journey towards the BIG GOAL and we invite you to join us, follow us, read about our trials and tribulations – on The Bf Gf Money Blog.


C'mon, we don't bite!

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