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Udemy set sail

I hope u all see this post on time.  From now till 10/6/15, u get to sign up any course on Udemy for only $15, by using the special checkout code at the bottom of this post.  If you have not heard of Udemy, I don’t blame you.  We here in Asia are always lagging behind many trends in the world.


Udemy is one of the biggest online market place for courses.  You can learn anything – investing, public-speaking, online marketing, coding , a new language, etc.  Once you sign up, you just need to search for a course of your choice, pay up and then you will have access to video lectures, notes and you can even contact the instructors when you have questions.  Imagine all the things you want to learn, but can’t due to lack of time or lack of money.  Course fees can range from Free – $499 and because it is all self-study, time-starved working class adults such as you can learn at your own pace when you are free.

Limited Time: Thousands of Courses for $15

I personally have been learning on Udemy since last year.  I recently signed up for a few courses which I don’t really have the time to learn yet.  But let me share it with you:



Here’s one course I signed up for:  The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn how to build 15 Real World Apps.  Cool right?

Learn Swift  The Complete iOS8 Developer Course   Udemy



I chose this course because the world is trending strongly towards mobile and I have a feeling that one day, I may have to create a mobile app for my current business or even create a new business that has to do with mobile apps.  For all other budding entrepreneurs reading this, yes, you can start learning now!


The instructor is Rob Perceival, who was last reported to earn $2.8 million dollars from his all Udemy Courses.  He is definitely one of the beneficiaries of this category of business we call the Sharing Economy.  By the way, Udemy is a great place if you are looking to start something on the side that will generate PASSIVE INCOME.  But… I am time starved so I will save that for another blog post….

Rob Percival   Web Developer And Teacher   Udemy


Just to point out, I signed up for his Web Developer Course as well.  Hmmm… I just noticed he has an Apple Watch Developer course.  Again, budding entrepreneurs, please take note… You might want to pick up some of this skills since tech businesses pave the way of the future.


Here’s a screenshot from Rob’s Web Developer Course which I am in the midst of learning right now.  ( I need some knowledge for my online business!)

video course -create 14 websites


As you can see, the video plays on the main part of the screen while you can scroll through the lectures on the right.  This allows you to skip to important sections or return to the ones you wish to focus on more easily.


I hope you find this Bf Gf Lobang useful for you.  Go take a look at Udemy by clicking the banner advert below.  Remember, when you find a course you are interested in and want to sign up, use the checkout code :


Limited Time: Thousands of Courses for $15
I barely managed to squeeze out time from my schedule to write this post.  I don’t think I can consistently update you guys by blogging an article the moment there’s an offer.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive such updates in future.  Don’t say we bo jio…

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  1. Kel

    I’ve used Udemy in my last job to learn about database coding, server security and another niche software for workflow management. Combined it cost me roughly US$120, if I were to take up training courses with a trainer here in SG, the niche software course of 5 days would set me back roughly S$1.2k.

    My late grandma left me with this most important life advice, “Never stop learning, even if it means learning to cook 2-minit maggi noodles in 1min 59 seconds or less.”

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      It’s damn useful! Normally these courses will cost a bomb offline. But now with online courses, the prices are drastically reduced.

      I also like the fact that you can learn at your own pace.

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