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Do You Know What is the Best Feeling in the World?


For many years I thought I knew what the best feeling in the world was.  When I was in Secondary 2, I sat next to a really good friend.  He had drunk too much water, his bladder was totally full, and he was on the verge of peeing in his pants.

“Should I go to the toilet?” his eyes were wide, full of desperation.

We looked up at the clock.  It was 6.27pm.  There was only 3 minutes left to go before the end of school.  If my friend were to ask for permission to go to the toilet, it would have been disruptive to the class and the teacher.  But if he did not go, we might soon be seeing a re-enactment of the Yangzte River over flowing its banks.

I looked at my friend and made the whistling noise.  The whistling noise that your grandmother or mother made when you were younger, to help you relax your bladder muscles so that you can pee in ease.

“Urgh…” he groaned in pain.

He cursed me under his breath.  I laughed at his predicament then continued to mimic water flowing noises.  He couldn’t take it anymore.  He stood up dramatically, pushing his chair back almost defiantly, shocking the teacher, and requested to go to the loo.

“Hold it in.  Class is ending in 2 minutes,” the teacher said.

“NO I CAN’T HOLD IT IN ANYMORE!” he blurted out and ran out of the class and to the toilet.  He ran in such an awkward manner.  His inner thighs were pinched closed to his privates yet he still tried his best to maximise every stride.

Few minutes later, he came back.  His cheeks were blushing pink and he had the most blissful look on his face.  He looked like he had just visited heaven.  He gave me an enlightened smile.


“Jerry, do you know what is the best feeling in the world? The best feeling in the world is to let go of all your pee.  Nothing can beat the feeling.”


I  agreed with him wholeheartedly for many years.


Fast-forward 12 years later.


The Best Feeling In the World


Today’s the day.

I logged in and looked at the bank statement.  It was an epic day.  It was a momentous day.  It was the day I knew that my life would change.  10 December 2010.  I was sitting at my workplace desk during lunchtime.  There weren’t a lot of people around.

“Yesss!  Umph! ” I pumped my fist in the air and gave a manly growl.

I felt like beating my chest like a silver-back gorilla.  I had done it.  I had freaking done it.  I had received my very first dividend ever.

It was a grand total of $73.

It was the best feeling in the world.  It felt even better than holding your pee in for a long period of time then releasing it in a gush.

The best feeling in the world is having money flow into your bank account while you are sleeping.

The best feeling in the world is realising that you can make your money work for you, and not the other way round.

The best feeling in the world is receiving passive income.  It is to appreciate the beauty of investing and the blue sky possibilities it brings.  It is a big step in your journey to financial freedom.


My confidence level was so high that day I swaggered around and flirted with the cutest girl in the office.  She became The Gf many months later.  Yes, it’s the same Gf in the Bf Gf Money Blog.


Told you my life was going to change.


Passive Income Report


What a difference a few dollars make.  Since the day I received my first dividend income till date, I have collected a total of $11,547 in dividends.  Taking a rough calculation,

4.5 years — $11,547

Yearly dividends — $2,566

Monthly Dividend — $213.83

Doesn’t seem like a lot but as the Hokkien saying goes “Mai Hiam Buay Pai La!” Translation:  “Don’t be so fussy!  Be happy with what you have la!”


I have been busy the past few weeks setting up another Passive Income Stream on Udemy.  I have created an online course to experiment with another way to generate passive income .  Learnt some marketing, learnt some Facebook Ads targeting, and voila!  More dollars flowing into my bank account each time someone signs up for my Udemy course.


Here’s a breakdown of passive income streams so far for the year 2015.




For month of May

Nam Cheong — $795

Keppel Corp — $360

MasterCard — $10.56

Total — $1,165.56

* I have since sold most of Nam Cheong after receiving dividends.


Other Sources

*Convert from USD $1 to SGD $1.31

Fiverr — $26.13 ( so little! *sob sob)

Udemy Course — $897.35

Rakuten Linkshare — $99.56

Google Adsense — $53.71

Blog Adverts — $100

Nuffnang — $2  (phui!)

Total — $1,178.75

Total Passive income — $2,344.31


Here’s a print screen of my Udemy earnings so far.

Udemy revenue as of 7July15


*Earnings are in USD so I have converted it into SGD under the income report.

I spent the past few weeks filming and producing my course.  I would film myself for 5-6 hours straight, and edit the videos for about 7 hours straight.  There were a lot of hiccups and technical problems at the start so it went on for about 1-2 months.  I then proceeded to spend a few more days creating lead pages to market the course.  Even now, the course still requires some active marketing.  So yeah… it’s not really ‘passive’ in that sense.  But it does feel good to wake up and see your earnings jump by a few hundred dollars while you are sleeping.


I say again:  Nothing can beat the feeling of receiving Passive Income.


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  1. jerry

    why did you sell your most lucrative dividend? isn’t this going to impact your passive income?

  2. The Bf (Post author)

    Most lucrative dividend doesn’t mean best company. I made a mistake investing too much in Nam Cheong.

    I am ok without dividends. My number 1 criteria is the company must be strong.

  3. GiraffeValue

    Hey BFGF,

    It’s really pleased and exciting to read someone managed to make passive income outside of stock and reit. Particularly your effort on creating course in Udemy! Care to share the course? I tired googling it and pop out similar courses but with ang mo name.

    Anyone who say there’s no opportunity in today’s world is lazy. 2015 is a totally different world than 2005, the opportunity that internet open up is tremendous. One just need to keep thinking for ideas and put into action. The best part is, internet is the place where one can really create something out of nothing, or at a very low cost(of coz u need a lot of time).

    BFGF thanks for reinforce my thinking that making income outside of the stocks,reit & employment is possible.

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      Hey Giraffe,

      You can check out my course here.

      The marketing part is rather hard though, considering my target audience are Singaporeans who are still very traditional in their mindset about learning. Most of the people I spoke to still don’t even trust online payments!

      You can also consider offering your services on Elance, Fiverr, etc. You can sell things on Amazon or Carousell. You can do affiliate marketing. You can teach people live online…

      I feel like we are in an era where we are rediscovering the internet. Connection speeds are getting faster. Opportunities are everywhere. We need to be creative to take advantage of such developments! Do share with us any progress of your side income/ side projects. We can exchange tips!

  4. jason

    Hey I found your site on a facebook investing fourm and I must say im enjoying your writings im intrigued my self with creating passive income streams. One my best income streams is clixsense

    Most my referrals make the money for me but its also great site do surveys on.

    Thanks and looking forward to your future articles

  5. Isaax

    Hey bfgf (sorry may I call you by that?)

    I am a simple average guy from Johor Bahru and has been always struggling for money ever since young.

    I happened to stumbled upon the Rich Dad Poor Dad series written by Robert Kiyosaki and frankly, the books did started to enlightened me a bit regarding the word, “money”.

    I knew I can’t stop there, and I started to read more books about investment.

    I bought silver coins, I even tinkered on the idea of FX, but the silver investment failed, and the FX really didn’t suit to my personality; it was too risky and too unpredictable.

    Then finally when I was on a Taiwan trip with my ex-girlfriend, I stumbled upon this book regarding a Taiwanese ex-stock broker to spent 30 years to master the art of stock investing.

    However, for the first 20 years, he failed miserably.

    On the 21st year of his investment journey, he took the pain by reading all about Warren Buffet’s value investing methods, and then he carefully researched and finally drafted a plan.

    The plan was ridiculously simple.

    Find the biggest companies in Taiwan, which their stocks are also the most lucrative and reliable in terms of dividends release.

    And he did by just focusing on a few companies.

    10 years later, his cost of all his share was 0 (Yup!), yet every single year he get about SGD 150K just by doing absolutely nothing.

    He dubbed himself as “old farmer”, and he simply said, “Buy the biggest brands ever, and treat it like your Fixed deposit, slowly buy, try not to sell, use the dividends and rebuy again.”

    I heed that advice.

    The first share I bought was F&N (F99).

    Big Mistake. Its getting big, I mean the boobs.

    Then I finally said to myself, “fuck it”, I’ll just focused on the British and American stocks.

    I bought Royal Dutch Shell Class B Shares, yup, that Shell company, the oil company that you always refuel your car and the one partner up with Ferrari in Formula One.

    I first bought 80 shares at 18 pounds at Sept 2015.

    And then it dropped to 12 pounds per share.

    Most people would have freaked out by now and shelled it out (notice the pun).

    But I stayed on. And kept buying.

    The share still managed to churn out dividends at around 7~8% interest rate per year, on time.

    And every 3 months I didn’t even missed the dividends.

    Now I had 250 shares, and so the fuck what if there is Brexit?

    The share is currently at around 20 pounds per share, and my cost per share is merely 15.32 pounds per share.

    And on top of that, GBP 82.45 every 3 months inside my Standard Chartered account.

    Next time, Coca cola, and Las Vegas Sands.

    And yeah, I’m gonna be rich.


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