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The BfGfExpense Tracker


It’s the time of the month to pay the bills again. I reluctantly logged in to my ibanking account. As I was getting closer and closer to the payments page, my heart beat faster and faster. After clicking on the ‘submit’ button, the balance of your savings account will always be shown to you.


My heart paused for a second.


“Why did I spend so much money this month?” I will always be wondering.


I have been using apps to keep track of my spending, taking note of whatever things I have bought, from paying cash for finger food to buying an 85 cents newspaper. Keeping track of these spending lasted not more than 3 months.


It must be the app! The tracking is not detailed enough. I would search for more savings app, trying to see which one suits me most.


So one day, while surfing the web for budgeting templates, I came across a few free templates. They are so detailed that you can record almost anything you can spend your money on. And you can plan ahead, say you are paying installments for 6 months, you can key in the value in advance, so you can have a better idea of how much you will spend in the upcoming months.


You actually see the number with your own eyes. No hallucination, no delusion, no pretending of not spending that money.


I have been diligently using this spreadsheet for almost a year now.


I have attached a sample picture of how the excel sheet looks like below. You can download it here.

personal expense


Get your Bf Gf Free Expense tracker and start saving more money now!



Any tips on keeping track of your expenditure/savings? Please do share!



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