Couple Kindle – Save Storage Space on Books


“I don’t need a Kindle.  Charging your book just because you want to read it is kinda stupid.  We don’t need all these kind of fancy gadgets in our lives.  Don’t be brainwashed by slick marketing.”


“Look at your book shelf.”




Good point.  Being an avid book reader coupled with a sentimental streak, I have been piling up books and other belongings on my shelf so much that I really do not have any more space for even 1 more book.

“But I can read on my iPhone!”  I continued to find reasons not to use the Kindle.

“You can sell it off on Carousel or you can return me and I will pass it to someone else,” the Gf replied, hiding her disappointment.

“Okay okay.  I will try it out. Maybe I will like it,” I said it to appease her.


The Kindle joined the shelf of forgotten belongings and sat there for 2 weeks.  Finally, I had the time to pick it up.  The Gf had bought it during the Amazon Black Friday sale at a rather good deal.  She bought one for herself too.  I didn’t take too long to learn how to operate the Kindle.  It was straightforward and easy to use.  She got the Kindle Paper White model for $99 and an accompanying Onyx Black Leather Cover.  One for me, one for herself.

I decided not to be a laggard and reluctantly flipped open the Kindle and downloaded some books.  Within 5mins I got hooked.  I could not stop touching it.  It feels great to hold in my hand, not small and awkward like my iPhone, or heavy to hold like a Lord of the Rings book.  The text display was also much more customizable, so I could increase the font size of the words and read without strain, unlike the tiny ant-like font on my iPhone which threatened to turn me blind after more than 1 hour of reading at the maximum font size.  There is also no glare from the screen, so your eyes won’t feel any discomfort.  The leather also smelt… so… good…





Red for the Gf, Black for me.  Cat sticker sold separately.




Lightweight, long-lasting battery.  I can read it for 1 week or more without charging.



Now I can just store all the books in the Kindle.  No more storage problems!  For avid book readers, I strongly recommend you to get a Kindle if you don’t have one.  I am now a convert.




Click on images to check out the different Kindles on Amazon.  From the left: Kindle Fire, Kindle HDX, Kindle.


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  1. The Gf

    You might have seen Groupon deals for kindle and wonder what’s the difference. Well, the kindle sold on Groupon comes from Japan amazon, so if you encounter any problem that relates to warranty, you have to go back to Japan amazon.


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