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By now, you would have probably seen the Dividend Machines course logo popping out around the net and especially on this blog.  This course is created by the trainers at The Fifth Person and focuses on teaching you how to build passive income streams through dividend investing.  I have decided to take up the course as I felt like I needed to level up my Dividend Investing Game.  Nope, I am not sponsored, I paid full price for the course just like any other student.


Just about 1 year back, I felt like my investment skills weren’t improving.  I was stuck.  I questioned myself if all my gains were just pure luck.  There were still many things I didn’t know, many grey areas in my investment knowledge and I felt like I wasn’t progressing.  It also didn’t help that there was no one in my network that knew how to invest properly.  Whenever I was at a gathering, I would subconsciously launch into a tirade on investments or analysis about companies.  Sadly, this would just be met by blank stares at the table or people pretending to understand and nod their heads.  A few would ask me about investments and engage me in thoughtful discussion just to humour me and not make me feel so bad.


I was stuck. I wasn’t progressing.  I wanted to be a better investor.


One day while scouring the net, I chanced upon the Fifth Person’s website and proceeded to bookmark their site and follow them.  By some turn of events, (long story!) , I managed to meet the the trainers, Victor and Rusmin, at an investors gathering. That meeting was the 2nd time I hung out with so many pro investors and my mind was just blown away by their knowledge and experiences.  I was the dumbest and most inexperienced investor in the room, desperately taking notes and googling up terms that I didn’t understand while they talked.  Whenever Pro Investor no.1 got into a debate with Pro Investor no.2, I just sat there like a spectator watching, mouth dangling agape and trying to understand what the heck they were even talking about.  The discussions continued all the way to the bar with Victor, Rusmin and Multi-Bagger Chin at my table, where we discussed more about stock-picking.


I swear my wisdom increased by +10 points after that meeting.  All that I thought I knew was shattered.  I was rebuilding my past 4 years of investment ‘knowledge’ from scratch.  That ‘mind-blown’ feeling stuck with me for weeks.


I proceeded to spend the first few months this year rebuilding my portfolio –  (as you can see in this blog), and now I feel like I need to get better in my Dividend game.  I signed up for the Dividend Machines course the moment they reopened and I have almost completed it.  Guess what?


That mind-blown feeling has returned!! 


I messaged Rusmin and Victor:  “You guys just saved me from making many costly mistakes.”


And because I am typing this with my mind still blown away, my views are totally biased!  So for those of you who hate advertisements, or promotions, close this page right now, go read some other blog.  ( I apologise for making you click this link!)


For the rest who are interested to learn more, find somewhere comfortable to sit, and please read on.


Bf Gf Dividend Machines review


What Can I expect from this Course?


The course is broken into 4 Modules

– Personal Finance

– Dividend Machines

– Reits

– Portfolio Management


Each module contains tonnes of information, lecture videos and notes and transcripts for you to meet your learning objectives.

You get access to

– A Live Workshop,

– Q & A board where you get to throw questions at the trainers to answer.

The Q & A board contains a treasure trove of questions. Looking at the number of questions being generated there everyday, I can just imagine Rusmin sitting in front of the computer answering questions full-time!

*The Fifth Person will also get in touch with you via email to see how you are doing.  (applause for customer service!)


What Will be Covered in this Course?


Here is where I got mind-blown.  The wonderful thing about Dividend Machines is that it condenses thick tomes of information into speedy, bite-size deliveries.  Instead of scouring the net or poring through books, the Fifth Person cuts to the chase and points out all the important things you need to know.  This is extremely important for a permanently-busy person like me!

In this course you will learn how to

– Take charge and Audit your own personal finances.

– Actionable advice to achieve your dream lifestyle

– How to even search and research on stocks (This is great for newbies.  How I wished someone taught me how to do this 4 years ago!)

– Use their simple 8-step approach to filter out stocks ( before learning this, I had difficulty picking dividend stocks, but this 8-step approach covered all bases and made the process of stock-picking much simpler for me!)

– Learn how to pick out important points in an Annual Report or Financial Statements ( This is great for people like me who struggle with zero finance background!)

– Some tips on how to spot accounting red-flags

– How to identify economic moats

– How to Value a dividend stock

– Understanding Reits (Categories, Key drivers, Risks)

– How to analyse Financials of Reits


There is so much more value in this course that I shall not disclose.


Is This Course Suitable for Me?


This course is definitely suitable for beginners, amateurs and pros.

I have been investing for about 5 years, I have read countless of investment books, but this course has still managed to blow my mind and change the way I pick dividend stocks.  I have been doing it wrongly all these while!  OMG!

If you are a newbie and worry about trying to understand the financial jargon used, don’t worry.  Rusmin explains each financial term with simple analogies.  I find myself nodding my head in enlightenment each time he explains something that seemed difficult to comprehend at first.


What I like most about Dividend Machines


The one thing that I really really really like about this course is how Adam and Rusmin made it seemed so fun.  Before signing up, I thought I would have to sit through dry video lectures listening to them talk about investing and all the technicalities.

After signing up, I was pleasantly surprised by the question and answer format of teaching done by the trainers.  Adam would ask questions, Rusmin would explain and Adam would probe Rusmin to elaborate further. This makes the lecture easier to follow and understand, considering some video lectures are 30-45mins long!  The trainers will also tell funny jokes to keep the lessons light-hearted and I found myself laughing out loud several times.



Don’t just dream of passive income! If you even bothered to read such a long post, it means that deep-down inside, you desire to take action and change your life for the better.

I have shown you the door; I have stepped through the door myself, and now, its your turn to make the decision.  Click the image below to go to the Dividend Machines Course page. See you on the other side !


dividend machines



This course comes with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.  It is literally a Risk-Free Investment!

Click or Tap on this link to find out more about Dividend Machines >>>  Passive Income, here I come!


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(Yes that’s my real face.)

By Jerry Lee,

Writer, Investor

Bf Gf Money Blog

P.S.  Do say hi to me if you see me at the Live Workshops!





  1. GiraffeValue

    Wow BFGF you have written one of the best review for Dividend Machine, very informative and comprehensive. I like it. Thanks.

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      I feel a lot of Singaporeans don’t really know what to expect from an online course, so I decided to do a review about it 🙂

  2. Han Cheng

    Nice blog you have. Been reading your blog for some time. I signed up for dividends machine too. Same as you. Aspire to learn more about investing.

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      Hi Han Cheng,

      Thanks for reading my blog! You are not alone! Quite a number of my blog readers have signed up for the course as well 🙂

      Let’s learn and HUAT together!

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  4. Zen

    Great! I’m new to investing and I wanted to start. 🙂 Do you invest online? or do you have to hire a broker for the investments?

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      Hi Zen, when you open an account, let’s say OCBC Securities, a broker will be assigned to handle your account. For buying and selling of stocks, it can be easily done within a few clicks of the mouse.

      You can do the old school way of calling your broker to place a trade for you but that is more expensive .

      I only bother my broker for technical / admin related issues .

  5. Josephine Leow

    After reading your post on dividend machines, I am interested but the link is not working.

    Also the course format has english subtitles on videos etc?

    1. Jerry (Post author)

      Hi Josephine,
      The course is currently closed. It may open again only later in the year. There are no subtitles, but there’s a transcript written out below the videos.

      In the meantime, you can join this course: The Investment Quadrant

      The Fifth Person told me themselves, that actually, this course is the one that helps people make the MOST MONEY out of their investments by reaping MAXIMUM< PROFIT from capital gains. I strongly encourage you to check that out >>> The Investment Quadrant


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