Investment Quadrant Review

Investment Quadrant Review

After going through the Dividend Machines course and finding that it very helpful for my investing knowledge, I’ve decided to fork out my own money to join the Fifth Person’s Investment Quadrant course as well.

Honestly, the Investment Quadrant style suits me more as I view investing as a net worth building skill. And of course, the best way to get there is by reaping big, fat capital gains.  Don’t get me wrong, at some point in life, (maybe when I am retired), I will transition to the Dividend Investing style.  But for now, when I am still relatively young and still generating a healthy cash flow, investing for capital gains is the most rational way to grow my wealth.  I will take a long-term compounder over a slow dividend paying stalwart any day.

So those are my above reasons for joining the Investment Quadrant course.  Whatever you read below is just my 2 cents worth about the course.



This online course is delivered in a manner that is part video, part notes, and a whole lot of case studies.  The breakdown is really comprehensive under the different categories of investing like – Business, Valuation, Financials, Risk, etc.  So if there are some areas where you are competent, you can skip ahead.

One of the things I like about the course (and one of the things that the Fifth Person is well-known for) is their transparency.

They discuss their winning stock picks AND their big losers.  They are not afraid to talk about their mistakes so that you can learn from them and not make those types of costly errors yourself.

The best part -The Fifth Person backs up every concept or investing theory with case studies, case studies and more case studies.


Investing Takeaways

The trove of case studies the Fifth Person present is extremely valuable because they show investing theses being played out in real life.

Within a couple of minutes in this course, I experienced great regret for not enrolling earlier because the Fifth Person used GoPro as a case study of a not-so-good business model.  (Damn. I could have saved $18k if I had just bought this course earlier before investing in GoPro…)  Now, I will be more mindful of the business model of the company and will take more time to analyse it.   Although most people think that this is easy, in actual fact, understanding and appreciating the business model is probably one of the more difficult aspects of investing.

Also, the next gem I learnt was how to spot scalability in companies.  Again, this is extremely helpful for investors (like me) who love those long-term value/growth compounding machines.  The case studies presented here also opened my eye to a whole new world.

Next, one of the best parts of the course is when the Fifth Person talked about growth drivers.  I always had difficulty spotting growth drivers.  With real-life examples, they showed the different types of growth drivers.  Now, I am more well-equipped in what to look out for.

The next pleasant surprise (and with a mixture of shock) was when the course delves into the topic of Capital Allocation by the management. (For newbies, capital allocation refers to how the management decides to spend the company’s money.) The Fifth Person showed how bad capital allocation in a few companies led to horrifying blow-ups.  These debt-ridden companies then drag clueless investors down with them…  This part of the course showcases the dark, scary dangers of the investing world…

(I personally know some people who got burnt badly from stocks investing.  So if you are just starting out, please do not skip this part of the course.)


Other bonuses in the course

  • Access Pass to a Free Live Workshop
  • A forum where you can ask questions and discuss investing theses with other like-minded individuals.


The only con in the course is the part about finance.  I found it very boring.  But it’s not really the Fifth Person’s fault here.  They really tried their best to be engaging here, but the topic is just plain dry…

Next, whenever the Fifth Person presents a winning case study, I feel a sharp pain in my heart.


Some opportunities were so obvious that I am ashamed of myself overlooking them.  (So much for calling myself an investor.)

Every time the screen shows an ascending graph of stock prices… I just want to slap myself in the face.

Be prepared for a lot of these moments.



  • Case studies of winners and losers
  • Complicated concepts were simplified


Who should NOT join this course

  • Traders or other short-term investors.
  • Pro investors (like those whose portfolio IRR is > 23%)


Who SHOULD JOIN this course

  • Investors who don’t know what is IRR
  • Beginner/Average investors
  • Newbies who want to learn how to grow their wealth


Final Words

I have probably said this many times – I believe that one of the most overlooked aspects of investing is INVESTING IN YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE.  If I had joined this course earlier, I would have generated better returns in my portfolio.  At least now I am better equipped to compound my wealth to financial freedom.

You can find out more details about the Investment Quadrant here. (Click this link.) >>> The Investment Quadrant.   



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