Make Extra Cash by Getting Rid of Trash


Remember the times when we had ‘sgselltrade’ on Livejournal, and ‘Marketplace’ on Flowerpod where you can sell your unwanted stuff online? Well, these sites are no longer available. So where can you sell your stuff now?

The Bf introduced me to this app ‘Carousell’ one day. I was amazed by the user-friendliness of the app and most importantly, how fast the BF can sell his unwanted clothes and books! I went home and happily dug out a stash of unwanted items.(Most of the stuff are given by my company and have no idea what to do with it.)


Some items which I have sold on Carousell – Clarisonic Mia, Charles and Keith Bag, Pet Cage, Exercise Watch


Twins boxing glove

Be honest with your description – See how the Bf warns buyers about the poor quality of the gloves he is selling.  (Yes this pair of gloves was still sold in the end!)


Some tips for selling things online:

  • Take a nice picture.
  • Do add in a profile picture or connect your profile through facebook to look more trustworthy.
  • Make sure the title of your product is named properly if not buyers can’t find it (Pretty common sense!)
  • Write a proper description.  If your product is old and worn out, make sure you warn buyers about it.  You do not want to tarnish your image over a few dollars.
  • Use $9.00 instead of $10 to make it look cheaper (I am sure this is a well-documented sales tactic.)
  • If you do not like using $9,  set your price in multiples of 5.  $5, $10, $15.  Setting prices at $12, $14, $13, tends to invite bargains to the lowest and closest multiple of 5.  ($14 gets bargained down to $10).
  • I tried posting at different timings, and realized that Sunday has more ‘active’ viewings.
  • Do make sure they come to a place convenient for you, and not the other way round.  You do not want to end up in a situation where you are stood up or ‘pang seh-ed’ by the buyer.

Graphic Novels


Try cross-selling other products to your buyers.  The Bf was actually selling the Neil Gaiman book and the Kabuki books, but he decided to bring the V-for Vendetta book along to meet the buyer.  He ended up selling it to the buyer’s friend who tagged along.


muay thai shorts


 The Bf recently sold a pair of Muay Thai Shorts he never wore.  He tried to cross-sell a pair of boxing hand wraps but failed.  He says even though you might not succeed cross-selling it doesn’t harm to try!


Remember, never give up when nobody buys your things.You can still try the following methods:

  • Trying lowering your price or give in to bargains. You are trying to get rid of your stuff, not profit from them.
  • Re-post your item to get to the top of list again. Every minute there are new postings.
  • Other than Carousell, you can join other Facebook groups that trade items and you can share the photos used in Carousell.




  1. Derek

    Hi The GF,

    Thanks for sharing. I will share it with my other half. She’s a huge Carousell fan. She mention that sometimes it isn’t about the money but the feeling of having successfully sell an item.

  2. The Gf (Post author)

    Exactly! And it doesn’t have many restrictions and verifications like other selling/trading websites.


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