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Dear Reader, if you have tutoring or teaching experience or would like to try teaching online, I am inviting you to join me in my new  Teach live online and make money while doing it. This is still pretty much a foreign concept to many, but I think with time and the vast improvements of internet connectivity, this way of learning and teaching will soon become the norm.

A Caveman Inspires Me to Learn Online

I got exposed to online-learning when I was in the university.  Whenever we missed a lesson, we could just log onto our course dashboard, download the slides/notes and re-watch the entire lecture.  I was marveling at this modern convenience.  I could re-watch parts of lecture that I did not understand, again and again.  This led me to question the purpose of attending a live lecture:  In a live lecture setting, if I decided to daydream – an activity that comes naturally to me whenever the professor starts talking, I would just miss out whatever important concepts he went through.  With the recorded lecture, I could just keep replaying the important parts until I understood it completely.  Slow-learners like me could learn at their own pace!


Another strong testament to the benefits of online-learning was my friend, whom who affectionately nicknamed – Caveman.  Although Caveman stayed in a hostel located within the university campus, he did not attend any lectures at all.  He would only appear to take a test, an exam, or simply to meet for project work.  He would disappear for long periods of time into his ‘cave’ only to re-emerge with slightly tousled hair and beard stubble, earning him the nickname Caveman.  Despite his absence from lectures, Caveman would still attain high marks for his exams, outscoring the average student in our course.  I asked him what his secret was and he told me he simply just watched the lecture recordings.  He also enjoyed the benefits of learning online, just as much as I did.


Strangely, while Caveman continued learning from his hostel room, I still traveled all the way to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) everyday, a 1.5hr journey on a train + a bus packed with people, just to attend lectures which I could watch from the comfort of my home.  It was a strange habit that I could not stop myself from doing.  Worse thing was, every lecture I attended after lunch was totally a waste of time as the Z Monster would strike and I would just snooze away like a baby.


Soon, as semesters passed, and Caveman continued showing good results, I started to get smarter about learning.  I tried to structure my timetable such that I only had to go to the university for a minimum numbers of days a week just to attend the tutorials.  All lectures will be watched from home.  I wondered why online-learning was still not mainstream in our society.  I resolved that I would do something about that after I graduated.


My co-founder and I chased this idea for more than a year, working hard to execute on it.  We tried to launch last year (2014) but failed miserably. The coders and developers who worked with us ran off with our money.  We were left with a bunch of unusable codes, an ugly and unworkable platform and holes in our pockets.  It was a frustrating and demoralising period for us but we went on to restart the project again.  We saved up money, hustled hard, lived lean, fixed bugs and kept improving the platform for 1 more year.  Now, after adding some more new functions, we are ready to re-launch it again.


Make Money Teaching Online

Exciting days are here again.  As teachers from all over the world begin to reach out to us and enter our platform, I am constantly reminded that it is a big world out there.  There are unexplored markets and unseen opportunities waiting to be tapped.  The thirst for knowledge is an unquenchable hunger in us, humans.  We are always seeking to improve ourselves, get smarter, get better, get wiser.  And now, we are able to share knowledge with each other so easily.

Once again, I am inviting you to join the platform and explore another way to make money from your skills and knowledge!

–  Got a skill you can teach or knowledge you can share?

– Sign up as a tutor for free

– Upload your resume

– Put up a nice profile pic

– Write your description

– Answer questions raised by students for free (this helps with relationship-building)

– Conduct lessons in our virtual-classroom

– You will need a mic and a pair of headphones

– Teach students all over the world!


Wait … what?  The stock markets are tumbling around the world?  Who cares man?  There are plenty of opportunities to make money. And I have just given you another one.   Click the image below to join me now 🙂


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    I like this novelty idea of providing tutoring online in SG
    Jiayou 🙂

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      Thanks Scott!


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