On Entrepreneurship and Sacrifice

dreams plus hardwork

dreams plus hardwork


If there is one misconception about entrepreneurship that is heralded as the norm and uplifted to a high pedestal to be recognised as courage or nobility, is that of the relationship between Entrepreneurship and Sacrifice.


People think that Entrepreneurship requires vast amounts of Sacrifice.


– 15 hr work days, 7 days a week.

– Relationships take a backseat.

– Working while others are celebrating the weekend.

– Missing out on your favourite TV Shows.

– Living lean and keeping a tight reign on your finances.

– Putting yourself in a world of uncertainty and instability.

– Taking calculated risks, relying on gut feel.


To the worker, the executive, or the non-entrepreneur, all these things seem like a grand sacrifice. Foregoing the comfortable life, the entrepreneur is a sucker for pain, punishment and stress.


But to the entrepreneur, this is what he sees if he were to sacrifice entrepreneurship for a comfortable life:


– Facing the drudgery of the 9-5; 5 days a week or sometimes unnecessary overtime.

– Celebrating the weekend because you endured 5 weekdays.  Trading 5 days of your life for 2 days of freedom.

– Missing out on planning your own work schedule.

– A life where your dream remains a dream.

– Putting yourself in a world of certainty, predictability and the illusion of stability.

– Taking no risks at all.


Entrepreneurs see no Sacrifice when they pursue the off-beaten path of entrepreneurship.


Not pursuing your dreams, and living society’s preordained, template life –  that, I feel, is the biggest Sacrifice of all.


i dont have  a 9 to 5




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