Save Time and Money by Crowdsourcing

Save money by crowdsourcing


Don’t you just love the internet?  It’s amazing what new businesses entrepreneurs are coming up with nowadays.

Recently, I have a problem increasing the page speed of my company’s website.  I tried reducing the size of pictures.  I tried installing W3 cache to leverage on browser caching but there were so many error messages that required deep technical skills to fix.  After spending 1 day on that stupid problem, I decided to try out one of those crowdsourcing services that has been making waves in the online world recently:  Fiverr.

The number of services provided on Fiverr is insane!  And, just like the name suggests, it costs you only 5 bucks.  They are popular for their logo design services.  Suddenly, I have flashbacks when I first started out as an entrepreneur and designers tried to charge me $3k for their mediocre design work…hmmm…


Anyway, no more getting ripped off by ‘creative executives!’  This is entrepreneur heaven for me.  I can crowdsource anything which I suck at!  I can crowdsource anything which is too time-consuming!  All I need to do is just click my mouse a few times, and a little elf from somewhere deep within the realms of the internet will be working his ass off for me!  Now I have more free time to watch cat videos on Youtube and write entertaining posts like this on the Bf Gf Money Blog.  Best of all, I don’t need to meet up with creative types to discuss design work anymore!  (I happen to have an allergy to people wearing thick black-framed specs, sporting an undercut hairstyle and wearing tight designer brand clothes.)  Thanks to Fiverr, I now dare to say openly on this blog:

“Suck it, hipsters!”



So back to the topic, I had to increase my company’s website speed.  All I simply did was to type ‘page speed’ in the search column and I get thrown up a number of names.  I decided to choose this guy from India.


fiverr service

His name is called Cloudframz and he has gotten quite a number of good reviews.


reviews fiverr



I saw 1 or 2 bad reviews on the first page, but I guess I can trust the rating of 698 other people and the average score of 4.9 / 5.  Anyway, its not like I am signing a contract for $3k….


I sent Cloudframz a message and a link to my company website and asked him if he could make it faster.

He said, “Sure.  It is now ranked at B.  I can take it to A.”

Straightaway, I just paid the $5 with an additional $0.50 processing fee, sent Cloudframz my log-in details, and waited for him to do his magic.  2 days later Cloudframz delivered his work to me.


Order completed Fiverr


My page speed jumped from B to A.  He managed to ‘leverage on browser caching’, and now my webpages load faster when I am navigating through my website.  However, don’t expect too much for the price you pay.  To increase the speed, Cloudframz lowered the quality of my home page’s main banner photo.  (Smaller file sizes > lower quality > faster loading speed).

Luckily, it was only 1 photo and I simply replaced it with my original, higher quality one.  Aesthetics must not be sacrificed for page speed.


I looked through Fiverr and I see a multitude of services which are extremely useful for me:  Design, SEO, Programming/Coding, Writing & Translation, Video & Audio production, legal consulting, etc.  I guess I will be a returning customer.  Maybe I will get someone to design a logo for the Bf Gf Money Blog…


crowdsourcing peons


“Work work….More work?… Yes, milord!”


It seems like people are rediscovering the internet to come up with new ways for every one to access cheaper, niche services.  The world is getting smaller, more accessible, and there is something for everyone.  I am constantly amazed by the brilliant minds of entrepreneurs who come up with such brilliant solutions to tackle the pain points in everyday life.


I suddenly started thinking of other businesses that allow the common person to partake in such kind of business transactions: Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb, Uber, Carousell… and the list goes on.  It seems like there is a bright future for crowdsourcing….that reaffirms some of my investment ideas.


I guess the world is constantly changing… I wonder what new businesses will come next 🙂

The Bf Gf Blog is an affiliate marketeer for Fiverr, so feel free to click the banner above to explore Fiverr.  If you order a service on Fiverr, the Bf Gf Blog receives a $14 commission with no extra charges to you!  So, whenever you wish to procure a service on Fiverr, we hope that you can do it through our blog links, help us earn some ‘kopi lui’ or ‘small change’.  Thank you my dear readers! 


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