SGX Stockwhiz 2015 – Can I win 2 years in a row?




A year passes so fast.  The SGX StockWhiz competition is back again.  I managed to win about $500 bucks last year (2014) during the first month, finishing 2nd place.  But struggled in the next 2 months as I missed out on big speculations, Oops, I mean TRADES later on.  I clung on to my 2nd place from the 1st month until I finally slipped and dropped out of the top 3 in the last month of the competition.  I wanted to prove that Value Investing can beat Speculation, Oops I mean, Trading… but I failed.


Sorry, I have let you down Peter Lynch!!!  *Get on my knees and kowtow to my Peter Lynch Altar*


This year it seems like the competition payout is less.  It’s quite sad actually.  Finish in the Top 30 monthly and get $100 cash pay out and you get to keep your earnings as commission credits with OCBC securities.  Last year in 2014, if you finished in the top 20, you get to keep whatever you have earned from your trades.  But then again, it shouldn’t be too hard to make it into Top 30 right?  Hmmm…. we shall have to wait and see.


This time, I am going to make use of the SGX Stockwhiz competition to make fancy trades, read fancy trendlines, look at fancy graphs to try to win.  These are strategies I will never use in my real-life portfolio though. Currently, I have went all-in on a TERRIBLE stock which I would NEVER buy in real life.  Yikes!  If I dare to post about that stock in the Valuebuddies forum, the forummers will take pitchforks, torches, organize a witch-hunt to suss me out and burn me to death in the name of Benjamin Graham.


Meanwhile, let me share with you some of the competition rules and T&Cs.  The SGX Stockwhiz competition runs from APRIL – JUNE 2015.

01-SGX Stockwhiz - Tradehero - Win OSPL

Keep What you Earn.  But in the form of OCBC securities Comission Credits.  Basically, OCBC securities want to attract more people to trade on their platform.


02-SGX Stockwhiz - Tradehero - Starting amout Leader board

I like gunning for low-hanging fruit.  I am just aiming to finish top 30 every month.  Some of the traders are too hardcore, making trades every day.  I am not confident of beating these guys to compete for overall top 3 places after the end of 3 months.  But who knows, if Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune) is on my side, anything may happen!


03-SGX Stockwhiz - Tradehero - TradeQuests -003

Some trade quests and bonus quests.  BLAH.  Trading stocks is already a big hassle for me.  I can’t be bothered with the trade quests.  Maybe I will try the Bonus Trade Quest.  If I win the Samsung Galaxy S5, I can sell it away… heh heh heh…


004-SGX Stockwhiz - Tradehero - Notes on Comission Credits OCBC

More info about the Commission Credits.  I use OCBC securities by the way, so this may help me cut down some of my brokerage costs.


005- SGX Stockwhiz - Tradehero - TC of comissions

Terms and Conditions for the OCBC Securities commission credits.  Please look at the sentence I circled in red.  *COUGH COUGH* WORST PRIZE EVER *COUGH COUGH*.  I am honestly turned off by this.


006-SGX Stockwhiz - Tradehero - More Participants Larger Prize pool

Basically, this long paragraph is just trying to say: More participants, larger prize pool for the commission credits.  Anyway who cares? The commission credits sucks anyway.  It doesn’t affect buy-and-hold-for-10-years investors like me.


007-SGX Stockwhiz - Tradehero - 3 Unique Trades Needed

This is important.  Another big hassle for me.  I need to make 3 unique trades a month to qualify for the prizes.  I have difficulty even making 1 stock pick in the sg market, let alone 3 trades per month!  Big setback for team Bf Gf Money Blog.  Nevertheless, we will prevail!


SGX Stockwhiz 2015- Tradehero - Bf Gf Money Blog


Please ignore my Main-stocks portfolio… I haven’t touch this game ever since the competition last year!


I shall not reveal what stock I bought…. yet…But you can simply download the game and follow me to see what stock I bought.  Or you can just subscribe to our Bf Gf Newsletter.


Let me give you a clue:  It is a seriously crappy company which we have probably done business with at least once in our lifetimes due to its low prices.


I will blog more about my SGX Stockwhiz experience from last year (2014) and share with you the strategy I used to win during the first month, and analyse the mistakes I made in the subsequent months.  I will also blog about my latest SGX Stockwhiz 2015 speculations, oops, I mean Trades.


Good luck to all readers taking part in this competition!  Show your support for Team Bf Gf Money Blog by liking this article!   \../



  1. The Independent Abecedarian

    Hey bfgfmb,

    Nice of you to share your strategy that has worked for your speculations (trades I mean).
    I think I’ll give it a shot, will check it out when I’ve time. Thanks 🙂

    The IA

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      It’s free to play man!

      Yeah I will share what limited knowledge of technical analysis I have.

  2. LP

    Hi there,

    May I know what will be the name of your blog if bf and gf are married? Will it be changed to a new name or this will still carry on like it is but with a foot note? If the name stays, will it affect u when you are married but still contributing to a gf bf blog?

    Likewise, if u say that you’re a value investor and you hold stocks for the long term, and you agree that the prizes as commission are not worth it, why join it? Will u find it weird that you’re an investor who holds your portfolio in one way, yet play a game that trades like you’re never do in real life?

    So what’s restricting you? Is it the title of an investor that makes u think other investors will frown upon you if you trade? Or it is that your think you’re a speculator masquerading as a trader masquerading as an investor? Who’s the real you?

    Does it not worry you that your decisions of the gambles made in a virtual ‘game’ can spill over to your real life game? Are you not surprised that your decisions made in your real life game didn’t get spilled over to your virtual ‘game’ i.e.why u didn’t stick to investing principles for the virtual game but chose to trade/speculate?

    Again, which is the real you?

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      The Name will still be Bf Gf Money Blog – I like it. Its catchy.

      Yes I am definitely a long-term investor. The trading game is just a game, I used to start out with technical analysis, but I realised it drives me crazy.

      Anyway, your probing questions make me think that you sense something amiss: OK I will come clean!

      “SGX stockwhiz 2015” is a keyword that is not very competitive. I just wanna see if I can rank on first page, using those keywords to attract more site traffic. Experimenting with this whole SEO thingy.

      The competition is for fun & publicity for my blog. I don’t think Games spill over to real life habits. If it did, I will be a level 10 double-sword wielding barbarian.

      1. LP

        Got it. Ah, that’s what you’re doing 🙂 makes more sense now haha!

        I must must disagree regarding games. Nothing is just a game. What you do in your spare time is more revealing about you than what you do in your ‘real life’. Why are you not a mage or a thief but a barbarian? Lol

        1. The Bf (Post author)

          Talking to you is like going for psychiatric counselling! hahahaha!

          But you look at the requirements of Stockwhiz. It’s hard for value investing to win swing trading. Your time frame is only 1 month and you must make 3 trades per month.

          After some deep soul searching from your questions…. I guess, I enjoy being a barbarian in games because it frees me from using my brain….

  3. LP

    Hah! I’m just asking questions and you’re just answering them..not counselling! 😉

    I think maybe you like being a barbarian because you can face the enemy head on. When faced with adversity, you shout a war cry and head straight on, regardless of whether the mages in your party tell you how dangerous the foes are that you’re facing. You have great confidence in your ability to mitigate the odds on the fly. You’re a barbarian and you just act and react on the fly.

    Regarding stock whiz, if value investing isn’t the way to win given the constraints, then why play it? Will an Olympics butterfly swimmer join a breast stroke event?

    I think value investing is not just a method. It’s a way of life. Be careful of the games you play 😉

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      Thanks for your advice!


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