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“This one like Yahoo Finance what!”  I exclaimed.


“No, no… See I can do comparisons like this,”  Wilson said, swiping his phone.


“Same as Morningstar what!”  I pointed out again.


“No, no… we are going to have added-on service later on.  Like sending you updates whenever companies make announcements,” Wilson explained.


“That’s great man.  I don’t understand why SGX doesn’t have that service.  It’s a pain in the ass to always check to see whether the company makes announcements!”


Wilson, from our secret stock investor gang, had contacted me, asking me to meet up as he wanted to show me a service he had been working on.  (Yes, we are from a secret stock investor gang.  We are like the freaking Illuminati.) We met at a coffeeshop and Wilson proceeded to show me the service, which I honestly was skeptical of at first.  But after he told me the future plans for the product, I felt more optimistic for him.  He asked me what other pain points can be solved for Singapore investors.


I said, ” You know, if you can compile analyst reports on a stock I own, be it independent or from private brokerages and send it to me, it will be great man.”


He nodded and took notes.


It was a real problem for me.  Ever since my broker changed like 3-4 times, I ended up with one who actually called me and tried to induce panic in me by telling me how Valuetronics fell by 15% in one day.  Always having to answer like 5 cold calls a day, I naturally snapped at him and told him not to bother me with this kind of nonsense.  Who the hell does he think I am?  Some kind of auntie / uncle who uses teletext to speculate stocks issit?  Bloody hell.  Anyway, ever since I scolded my broker over the phone, he has been sending me crappy analyst reports.  I tried to report him for junk mail but it hasn’t been working so far.  ( Damn it.)


So yes, I feel that’s one of the pain points being a local investor in Singapore.  The lack of data of many SGX companies.


Wilson has been working on this project for almost a year and I must say that the website has a very sleek and sexy design.  You can search any company and data and graphs will unfold onto your screen like origami.  You can compare data of your stock with that of its competitors, with figures going as far back as 5 years.  The site is also very responsive and user-friendly.  It takes away a lot of the unnecessary data, junk and ads that you normally see on stock websites and summarizes the main points into neat, comparable, easily-digestible data.

This is what I see when I type in Cosco Corp.

Stockflock  cosco


Within a few seconds I can see what a crap company Cosco is, all thanks to the sleek display of Stock Flock.  I do not need to go to yahoo finance and dig out comparisons between Cosco and Yangzijiang.  Just click and voila! Conclude that the company is crap and move on!  I am a busy man with busy things to do!


I am not trying to be biased but I feel that Singapore needs more risk takers and entrepreneurs like Wilson around.  Entrepreneurship is the only way to wean our nation’s reliance off MNCs.  It is the only way our economy can advance to a greater level.  It is the only way to build and exert influence on a global political scale.  A successful entrepreneur in Singapore who goes global should be carried up in the air and paraded down the streets during Chingay festivals.  We need to encourage the younger generation to act on their ideas and create products or services that can improve the lives of millions.  It is a difficult goal that we must strive for.  And  even if we choose not to go into entrepreneurship, we should support our local entrepreneurs like Wilson and cheer them on this long, tough, marathon.


Go check it out for yourself and sign up at


Once you have explored the site, please leave some comments at the bottom.  What can be improved?  What service do you wish to see from ?  What are the pain points of being an investor in Singapore? Or you can just be a kind soul and simply leave an encouraging comment to cheer a young entrepreneur on his long, arduous journey 🙂


  1. CH Rawr

    i stumbled upon this while looking for a site that gives me a compiled version of all financial reports of all SGX counters (maybe in excel format). So I was wondering if that can be provided by the website? (for a fee if required of course)

    1. Wilson

      Hi CH Rawr,

      Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately you will have to approach directly to Reuters/Bloomberg/CapitalIQ/FactSet for that. But we might be able to incorporate functions for you to do valuations.

      Hi B,

      Thanks for your compliments! We are always open to hear your troubles and help save you time.


  2. B

    Wow this is good stuff man.

    Helps to solve convenience.

  3. Glenn Goh

    Wow this is great. Everything under 1 website.

    1. Wilson

      Hi Glenn,

      Thanks! And we will be releasing more features, including customized watchlist for you to monitor your portfolios!


  4. M

    This is cool. will future plans include adjustments, especially one time off expenses or revenues? can we do our own adjustments on each competitor to make the comparison more meaningful??

    1. Wilson

      Hi M,

      We do have intentions to create features for adjustments of individual line items. However, it will have to take some time as the process is complex to allow the level of flexibility and we have several features in mind for investors. Will love to keep you updated of the progress when we are able to implement it!



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