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How did this Legendary Investor create a 6-Figure Income Through Dividends?

evening with ak assi

I bought a ticket to an Evening with AK -23 May 2015, (it got sold out within 3 days), and finally got to meet and shake hands with the man himself. AK earns $150K per year in Passive Income through…
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LinkedIn – Added to the Bf Gf Portfolio


  After mulling over the decision for a long time, Linkedin (LNKD) has finally been added into the Bf Gf Portfolio at a price of $198.83 on 12/05/15.  But before I start, I would like to say that I am…
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What’s the Value of Facebook and LinkedIn ? ( Part 1)

social media

“Facebook reminds me of Friendster.”   “Very few teenagers are using Facebook nowadays.  They are all switching to Instagram.”   “But Instagram is owned by Facebook!”   “Ahh but Instagram is not monetised yet.”   “LinkedIn just bought over Lynda!…
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