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How did this Legendary Investor create a 6-Figure Income Through Dividends?

evening with ak assi

I bought a ticket to an Evening with AK -23 May 2015, (it got sold out within 3 days), and finally got to meet and shake hands with the man himself. AK earns $150K per year in Passive Income through…
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LinkedIn – Added to the Bf Gf Portfolio


  After mulling over the decision for a long time, Linkedin (LNKD) has finally been added into the Bf Gf Portfolio at a price of $198.83 on 12/05/15.  But before I start, I would like to say that I am…
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Support a Local Entrepreneur – STOCKFLOCK.CO

Stockflock   Site

  “This one like Yahoo Finance what!”  I exclaimed.   “No, no… See I can do comparisons like this,”  Wilson said, swiping his phone.   “Same as Morningstar what!”  I pointed out again.   “No, no… we are going to…
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