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taxi savings hack

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This is a post by the Legendary, OT Warrior , ( OT stands for Overtime).   He wants to contribute his Taxi Fare Savings Hack to readers of the Bf Gf Blog.  We all live in a costly city, so any form of savings is good!  First World Solutions for First World Problems for First World Working-Class People.


But first, let me give you some background of the OT Warrior.  


When OT Warrior graduated, he applied and got into a prestigious job.  He was still a fresh grad then, naive and ambitious, itching to take on the world with his mad IT skills.  Unbeknownst to him, he had a super power…


On his first week of the job, his boss came up to him and said…

Office space

And that’s when it all began…


OT on Saturday, followed by OT on Monday, then OT on Tuesday then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and all days ending with the letter ‘Y’.  His superhuman powers for working OT got stronger and stronger.  He could work longer and harder than a normal human.


I once said to him, ” Quit your dead end job leh! Come and join me in this new venture!  But… we may need to work until 12 midnight, every night…”


His reply: “Please Jerry, 12 midnight ONLY?!  Don’t insult my abilities! HAHAHAHAHA!”


OT Warrior has been working from 8.30am – 12 am on normal days.  On days when he has to work overtime, he works until 2 – 3am.  As the days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, his boss saw his potential and loaded him with more work.  I am sure you have heard of the phrase “What does not kill you makes you stronger” ?  OT Warrior got STRONGER.



OT Warrior does not take holidays.  His only “holiday” is when he goes back to camp for reservist.  OT Warrior does not eat your usual food.  He survives on cup noodles, McDonalds and Tiger Beer.  OT Warrior does not work.  He has become Work.  Every time we meet OT Warrior for reservist, he will tell us about his working hours.  In fact, his Facebook statuses are all about what time he ended work that day.  We have tried numerous times to talk some sense into him, tell him to quit his job but he will just listen to us, nod, and proceed to tell us more of his OT war stories and how his boss overloads him with work.


Sometimes, I think OT Warrior is like Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Grey.


Both of them like to get whipped.



The Taxi Savings Hack

As OT Warrior works so much OT, he naturally has to take cab home most of the time.  His can chalk up a total cab fare of $700 each month.  Luckily, he can claim the cab fare from his company.    He said that before OCBC changed the terms and conditions, he was using an OCBC flashpay card to earn rebates from taking cab.  But now with all the changes, (because banks like to play roti-prata with the terms and conditions), he has signed up for the UOB Direct Visa Card – it has flashpay so he can use it to earn credits while taking cab.


Whenever he uses the UOB Direct Visa Card to pay for his cab, he gets a 5% rebate, but sadly it is capped at $10 rebate a month.  On top of that, he gets $5 worth of cab points when he takes 8 cab rides every month.  Also, he gets 3.33% rebate whenever he uses his UOB Direct Visa card which provides another interest rate boost combo to his UOB Savings account.  You can see the interest rate bonuses of a UOB Savings account here.


Total rebates earned from UOB Direct Visa Card + UOB One Card + UOB Savings Account Combo:

OT Warrior

Include $10 flashpay rebate + $5 cab points = $15 monthly

1 year of cab rebates = $15 X 12 months = $180

Total Cab Rebates, Credit card rebate and Interest = $1336 + $180 = $1516.

Total Combined yearly returns = 3.03%


Some Thoughts

Not bad ah, get paid $1516 to take cab home yearly.  Like that also can.  But then again, I’d rather not work so much OT in the first place!!!  But of course, I am not OT Warrior.  OT Warrior is addicted to pain.


For those of you who can’t claim cab fare from your company but still want to take cab every now and then, let me share my Uber code with you.  If you have the Uber app, simply use the code:  uberbfgfto shave $10 off your total bill when you book a cab through Uber.  If not, go to the link below:


After you have taken your first Uber ride, you will receive your own code which you can share with others as well.  Each time someone uses your Uber code, you get $10 credits to your Uber account!  Feel free to share YOUR Uber code in the comments section below.  That way, all the Bf Gf Blog readers can keep getting $10 credits !


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  1. B

    Hi Jerry

    Nice and enjoyed the story write up there.

    And I dont want to become OT Warrior too!!! Lol.

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      It’s a special power. Not all of us are blessed with it!

  2. E

    Just pointing out, for the credit card used for the rebates , it’s the UOB ONE Credit card which gives 3.33% per quarter subject to a minimum spend (1st tier) of $300 / month for the quarter.

    The direct visa card isn’t a rebates card.

    1. The Bf (Post author)

      Oh thanks for pointing out!

      After clarifying with OT Warrior – he uses UOB Direct Visa + UOB One card + UOB savings account to get the combo.

      OT Warrior, if you’re reading this, please help me clarify for the readers!

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  4. Joanna Lee

    Hi people, my uber code is lp4z9. Hope we cn exchange code and save more together (:

    Thanks alot for this article, enjoy reading it.


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