The Art of Decluttering and Organizing

‘Horrendous’ is the word to describe my room. I had a very messy room. I tried different methods to tidy up my room and i am always looking out for tips and tricks to make it happen. One day, I came across this book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Initially, I did not believe there is such a profession who teaches people to tidy their room. I have read many successful reviews of Marie Kondo and how she has helped many people de-clutter.

The most important lesson I have learnt from this book, is that we should begin cleaning up in categories in sequence. However I reshuffled and did my own sequence in order of:

1. Clothes


Starting with clothes. First, you have to take out ALL the clothes you have in your house. Wherever it is, you have to take it out and place it together with all the other clothes. Take out those which are too small for you, or those which you did not wear it for more than a year, and will not ever wear again. Put them aside. Organize your clothes again depending on the configuration of your wardrobe. DO NOT bury your clothes deep inside again. Next, you have to invest in a good storage box. Take a measurement of your wardrobe and plan using the dimension provided in the catalogs of the boxes. Organize how you are going to store your clothes such that they are reachable to you easily.

By doing this, I have thrown out 3 bags of clothes, some of which I have not seen for years. I have also found some of my clothes which I have not worn for years.

2. Skincare and makeup


For skincare and makeup, I did the same method by gathering all I have in the house and put them together. First I will check the expiry date of each and every product. Next I will categorize them or group them together to see how many different types of brands I have in the same category. For example, I have 3 different types of facial wash. I put them together to make sure I see them and use them. Same method applies to toner, moisturizer, clay mask etc. I invested in a semi-opaque storage box to store all my stuff nicely.

For repeated products, I will put them in a recycled box for storage and list them down on a paper to take note of their expiry date, the “stock-taking” method. This is to make sure this stash is not forgotten and you will think twice before buying new products during shopping.

I have friends who have drawers and drawers of unopened and half used makeup and skincare. The method i mentioned above is good for over loaders, provided they must have the self control not to buy anymore new products when the product is on sale or when they are overseas.

Muji has a wide variety of plain boxes, although a little pricey. You can check out on Toyogo, and even Daiso for similar design. I bought all of my new storage boxes when Muji is having a discount. The most important thing to consider is to plan on the space you have at home before buying.

3. Miscellanous


Miscellaneous stuff is up to your own definition. For me, it refers to books I use to own, or even watches which are lying around at home. I will do the same – check whether I have extra storage space at home, categorize them and check whether do I really need it. If not, it will go into the rubbish bin.


4. Mementos

Mementos is the most difficult category. Your feelings are attached to it and it is the most difficult task to deal with, therefore leaving it to the last. I do not have solution to it. The best solution to get rid of mementos I can think of is to get a ‘third party’ to help you with it. Do remember that your motive of this cleaning up is to clear as many things as possible, to de-clutter your room and house.



After sorting out your unwanted stuff, check and sort it out again, to see which are the ones able to sell away. Do make use of Carousell or Gumtree to get back some extra bucks.

A word of caution. Sometimes, when our parents see things being thrown away, they will pick it up, inspect it to be still in condition and might be useful in the future, and bring it back home again. Do avoid throwing things away when they are around. When they pick things up and bring back again, the effort of de-cluttering is wasted! Do pick up this book to read for inspirational and motivational stories written by the author.


Do drop us a comment below to share with our readers on the method you use to tidy up your room, or tips and tricks to share!


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    Good job on decluttering your house. I have plans to do the same as well.


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