*SHOUTOUT TO THE GFS- HOORAY! The long awaited sale is back!*

Wait a minute…don’t close this browser yet! Just to let you know, GSS is suppose to be a great time to stock up and save money! I do make use of annual sale to stock up some of my daily necessities. You must be thinking that I am finding excuses to go on a shopping spree, but hey, if I don’t stock up during this sale, isn’t it more expensive if I purchase the items I need when there is no sale?

Clothes are part of my necessities too. We do need to refresh our wardrobe once in a while right? I have been wearing the same old set of clothes for so long, I am afraid that the BF might start looking at other girls when we go out to pak tor. Lol.

Who says we need to go shopping malls to shop? There could be better deals online! Here is a list of website which I frequent, some of them are wayyyy cheaper compared to buying from malls.

Did I mention that Zalora has sales ongoing now too? (Click on the image below to go to their site)

I also go to Lazada for miscellaneous shopping. (Click on the image below to go to their site.)

You can even purchase items from overseas, as the comgateway/Vpost is also having GSS promotion. Remember to check out the extra credit card charges each bank charges before you start swiping your credit card!


To add on my lobangs, I always visit Singapore Promotions to get the latest news on promotions around Singapore. If you have any GSS lobang deals, do share in the comment box ok? HAPPY SHOPPING!


The Bf still has to do a write up for 4 more stocks he bought.  Like The Bf Gf Money Blog on Facebook or subscribe by entering your email below to receive updates! 

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  1. Dondon Vizcayno

    You will enjoy the big list of GSS 2015 sales here!

    1. The Gf (Post author)

      All I can say is…. WOW!

      Thank you for sharing!!

    2. Adrian Yanthor

      Thank you for providing free classified website, your website is very nice and very well your website is more helpful…

  2. Michael

    You sure about the site Singapore Promotions? They seems to always steal content from elsewhere like Greatdeals and other sites.

    1. The Gf (Post author)

      Hi Michael, Yes that’s what I have been following all along, until a better site comes up, I will stick to this for now.

      Yes there are other promotion websites that carry similar content, as long as the website gives me information on what I want, it doesn’t matter who is the thief right?

      Happy Shopping!

  3. Michael

    It is equivalent to saying: if i can download and view premium eBooks without paying any single cents, it doesn’t matter right?

    It does and if people supports piracy, what would happen?

    There is no incentive to innovate and this would spiral down to affect consumers in a way because you’d see less of the better “content”.

    You wouldn’t like someone to copy and paste your article on another site and use it as theirs without giving you guys credits right? And that’s the same thing.

    Say NO to piracy.


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