Top 5 Best Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore

part time jobs for students best 2

part time jobs for students best

We compiled a list of the Top 5 Worst part time jobs last week.  This week, we are examining the Top 5 Best part time jobs in Singapore for students.  Try to recall some jobs that were particularly memorable to you.  Why were they worth remembering?  Did you have a great experience at those jobs?  Did you learn a lot from those jobs?  Let us take a deeper look at the spinning cogs of part time jobs Singapore.


5. Bartender

That’s right.  Being a bartender is one of the coolest jobs you can snag as a student.  Of course, you must be of legal age to partake in this job.  This part time job does not just earn you some moolah, it earns you some much needed street cred.

Are you wearing 3-inch thick glasses, have zillions of pimples and you are currently in your school’s chess club?  Then being a bartender is a good way to shed your geek image and level up your Cool factor by 10 points.  Why?  Many reasons.

You are cool enough to stay out late and work in such an ‘adult’ job.  You are cool enough and old enough to indulge in and promote the vice of alcohol.  You are cool enough to be serving up drinks in a swanky club or pub.  People will also have the impression that you are able to do crazy stunts like juggling bottles in the air or opening up beer bottles at lightning speeds.  You will also be exposed to the wild nightlife scene of Singapore and get to help your customers lower their standards for ‘beauty’.

The pay ranges from $8-$10 but money is not the priority here.  Swag is.


4. Retail Assistant

retail sales assistant part time jobs singapore

This part-time job is great for people who can’t stand sitting at a desk all day.  As a retail assistant, you get to constantly move about to get your blood circulation pumping.  Embrace the healthy lifestyle!

This job is also great because it forces you to hone your people skills in 2 aspects: Sales and Customer Service.  These 2 skills will get you far in life later on, and they are almost applicable to any professional circumstances.  Practise the art of persuasion and learn how to be of service to your customers.  If you do well, you may even get a bonus commission whenever you close a sale, on top of your hourly wages of $5 – $8.  Sure, once in a while you will encounter the odd customer, the rude customer, the fussy customer, but take it all in stride…  When life throws you assholes, you just smile and carry on!



3.  Event Helper

ticket stub

This is one of the most fun and most eye-opening jobs you can snag.  The best part about being an Event Helper is the nature of its low commitment; once the event is over, you are free to enjoy the rest of the holidays!  This is extremely important for those who have plans to go overseas and cannot commit to a longer work term.  Also, because every event is different, you get to be exposed to many different challenges and job scopes when helping out.  You could be coordinating logistics for a corporate function.  You could be helping out at a booth in a carnival.  You could see the backstage of any events production.  You also get to wear cool tags around your neck that make you look important!

During my years as a student, I managed to get my hands on a gig as an event helper for 3 weeks for the Singapore Gardens Festival.  The pay was good – $1.8k for 3 weeks and I got to coordinate some of the jobs at the exhibition.  The Gf helped out at a sales carnival event once, and she said she enjoyed the hustle-and-bustle of the job.  I even had a friend who told me that his best events gig was being a Sun Tan Lotion Dispenser at Sentosa.

“Good memories…” he said wistfully.

I don’t think rubbing Sun Tan Lotion on bikini girls counts as a ‘job’…


2.  Data Entry / Admin 

admin data entry part time job

” Oooh the nine-to-five life!  This is what I always dreamed of! Yay corporate world!”

Ever wondered what the life of the office drone is like?  Now you get to have a preview of it by taking up Data Entry or admin work as a part-time job.  You get to wear office clothes to make yourself look ‘adult’.  You get to wake up early in the morning and squeeze with the other drones on the train.  Ahhh! The feeling of being part of the hive – makes you feel….EMPOWERED.  There are many perks to this job.  Air-conditioning, nice chairs, lack of job hazards.  The only problem you will probably face is finding lunch kakis to eat lunch with you… But that’s such a first world problem right?

“It’s not really data entry… After you are done with your tasks, you get to sit in a nice chair, enjoy the air-conditioner and get paid while you surf the net,”  my sister claims.

With all the tedious and tiring jobs out there, being a Date Entry or Admin staff is probably the most comfortable part time job out there. This job makes it into the no. 2 position because of its popularity, comfort and high pay.


1.  Tutor

tuition part time job

Being a tutor in Singapore is undeniably the best part time job for students.  There are many benefits to boast of.  You get to plan your own schedule.  You get to decide whether to take up or decline any jobs offered to you.  You get to set your own fees,(averaging around $25-35/hour.)  The autonomy of this part time job cannot be matched.  Also, the rates that you earn per hour is probably equivalent to 5 hours of working in the factory or distributing flyers.  Heck, just by filling up your schedule with a few students, you will probably make more money than an intern!  Due to the high emphasis placed on academic achievements in our society, the demand for tutoring services in Singapore is sky high.  Just sign up to a tuition agency and you may be receiving job offers within a week.

The only risks?  Getting stuck in a room with a bratty kid or kids.  But please, that’s what your high hourly rate is for!


A Word about Part Time jobs

Other than taking up part time jobs for students as a form of income, why not treat working part-time as exposure to different industries/sectors.  Gain some industry insights, gain some experience and forge new friendships.  You never know how all these friends and experiences will play a role in your life later on.  Anyways, getting your ass off to work is much better than spending your holidays bumming around at home or at the arcade.  Work hard, hustle hard, play hard my dear readers!


What are your best experiences working part-time as a student?  Share it in the comments below!

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  1. heilo

    Hi, do you know where I can apply as a student tutor? I just finished my O levels and I’m waiting for my results to come out. But for most tuition sites, they either require the O level certificate or do not even have the ‘O level’ option under the highest education level category. I know it’s quite difficult to search for student tutor jobs especially with a low education level, but maybe you would have some suggestions? 😀


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