Top Finance Bloggers Explain Their Favourite Stocks in One Sentence!

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top finance bloggers reveal


Just for fun, I ask some of the top finance bloggers about their favourite stocks and to explain it in one sentence.  Here's what they have to say:


Andrew Hallam (The Millionaire Teacher)


 Berkshire Hathaway

"With more than 100 businesses under its umbrella, Berkshire Hathaway is diversified, it has high returns on total capital, it's conservatively financed and each of its private company managers own at least 20% of their respective businesses, so they eat their own cooking." 


Blog: A Path to Forever Financial Freedom

Fraser Centerpoint Trust 

"My favorite stock is Fraser Centerpoint Trust (FCT) because it has a portfolio of resilient suburban malls, uptrending rental reversion, great asset management execution and prudent strategy in expanding both organic and inorganic that benefits the shareholders in terms of increasing DPU and NAV since inception."


Blog: Bully The Bear


"I bought it without knowing why and as it dropped more, I bought more and more of it until I capitulated and sold out at a huge loss, but I learnt several important lessons from that."

Richard Ng

Blog: Invest Openly

UMS Holdings Ltd

"High dividend yield of more than 8%."

Rolf Suey


Raffles Medical

"Prescribing sustainable growth in the face of aging and growing Singapore population!"



First Reit

"I don't have any favourites but the stock that last an impression on me is First REIT because it showed that with proper research, stocks do create wealth."


Blog: Taking Care of My Own Business

Kuka AG

"My favourite stock is Kuka AG (ISIN: DE0006204407) which is producing industrial robots for the global market and as such will benefit from the trend towards automation and Industry 4.0 known also as the future of productivity and growth in manufacturing industries."

Paul Low

Blog: Paul Low Investment Journey

Tan Chong International

"Increasing dividends in fixed intervals like clockwork year after year under a large margin of safety.."

My Sweet Retirement

Blog: My Sweet Retirement


Love the Chairman's speech. "Call me a cautious guy.  Should anything untoward happen to me (touch wood), about half of our Group’s business will go on operating without a hitch as if nothing had happened."--- Mr Wong Fong Fui, 2015 Annual Report

Lionel Yeo

Blog: Cheerful Egg

Straits Times Index

"Why? So that you don't have to pick stocks and you can focus on the rest of your life :)"

Giraffe Value

Blog: Giraffe Value


"Huge cash reserve, large hard asset of investment property, low total liabilities and currently trading at PtB 0.5!"


Blog: Got Money Got Honey

Saizen REIT

"I think Saizen REIT is a well-managed REIT that is undervalued by pretty much any metric you throw at it."

Tay Jun Hao

Blog: The Asia Report

Powermatic Data Systems 

"Honest company with long dividend track record trading far below liquidation value."


Blog: T.U.B Investing


"PNE Industries Ltd - A stock I kept since 2011, consistently undervalued with consistent dividend."


Blog: A Singaporean Stock Investor (ASSI)


I don't have favourites lah... bu yao hai wo... -.-"

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