What would you do if you won the $9.5M TOTO Jackpot?

9.5M TOTO Jackpot

Just a few days back Singapore Pools announced the winner for the annual TOTO Jackpot for Chinese New Year. The winner bought his ticket from a branch at Hougang St 21.

The lucky winner walked away with a grand total prize of $9.5M.

Let that sink into your head for just a minute.




Imagine all the things you can do with the money…

Imagine the freedom that you can buy…


My friends were all making jokes about who won the 9.5M grand prize when I decided to pop the question:

“What would you do if you won the $9.5M jackpot?”


Here are some answers:

“Continue to invest to make it 95M!”

“Holiday first, invest later!”

“100 lots on Google.”

“Allocate $5M to get 5% yield.”

“That’s 20K a month. Enough for a comfortable lifestyle.”

“Buy a property. Shiok.”

“Donate away $1M.”

“Invest $2M into 10 – year SG Govt bonds at 2.5% yield for annual income of $50K”

“Buy Cheap car of $100K.”

“Clear housing debt.”

“Mental Masturbation damn shiok.”

“Buy Starbucks franchise. Drink coffee and read book.”


My answer:

“Go for a 2 week Muay Thai Camp in Phuket.  1 week Fishing Trip in Bangkok. Come back and plan a year long holiday.  Change my style to income investing. Travel around the world for 1 year.  Create a blog to document my travels and call it the Millionaire Traveller.  Get bored living a life of leisure.  Use my worldly knowledge to start a VC fund.”


And then out of nowhere, a voice of reason came to spoil everything for us.


“Wah nice plan. Now back to reality. What stock should we buy in the next 6 months?”



boo to pap

A dollar for a dream


The odds of winning first prize in TOTO is 1 in 13,983,816 that’s a chance of 0.00000007%!


With such lousy odds, why do so many people still bother wasting their time queuing up to buy a ticket with high hopes of winning?


9.5m toto queue

I once read an article talking about the Toto mentality.  In that article, the writer mentions that buying Toto makes perfect sense.


You just need to spend $1 to buy a dream.

That $1 gives you the chance to dream about how you would spend all your money if you had won.

And admit it —

Just fantasizing about how you will spend your winnings feels good


And if you are buying Toto with a bunch of friends, that $1 value increases even more!

With $1, you are now seen as part of the cool gang .

The gang that gets to celebrate their winnings together. ( If you even win in the first place!)

Nobody wants to be the guy that gets left out when all his buddies hit jackpot…right?


I suddenly recalled an astute observation made by a friend.

“Actually come to think about it – it’s probably easier and more fun to imagine yourself receiving sudden, overnight wealth than investing for slooowwww compounding returns over 10-30 years…”


That’s…so true.


So, while one lucky winner in Singapore ponders on how to spend his big windfall, the rest of us are left fantasizing about what we could do with the money.


Back to reality.


What stock should we buy in the next 6 months?

How can we save more from our everyday lifestyle?

How can we invest to generate a stream of dividends?

How can we boost our income or earning power?


We can carry on dreaming or play the hand we were dealt with.

We can plan our imaginary holidays or budget out a reasonable one.

We can carry on buying Toto or work to build our income streams.


A dollar for a dream.

But a dream remains a dream.

Until we wake up and get our ass to work.


Check back on this blog soon to learn how you can build a side-income from the comfort of your room. (<<< the non-scammy way of course!)


But seriously, what would you do with $9.5M? Let us know in the comments below!


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