White Clouds, Blue Sky, Red Sun


white clouds

What a strange past few weeks it has been.  The weather has also been really hazy.  Not sure whether is it due to Indonesia, 7th month celebrations or smoke bombs being thrown all around our country.


Anyway, here’s the weather forecast for the next few years:


The sky will be filled with fluffy white clouds.  If you are lucky, you may see a tiny patch of blue.  The red sun that was expected to appear, will not show its face.  The weather is just too cloudy.


As I watched the weather report unfold, I was relieved that the prediction would mostly be fluffy white clouds.  Although sunlight is necessary…it can sometimes get too hot.  I don’t want to hide in my air-con room all day.  So I felt happy when the clouds came out and blocked the sun.


The weather man started predicting white clouds, white clouds, and more white clouds! Yikes! Where’s the blue sky?  I started to get worried.  I started praying for a bit of blue sky.  A bit only la.  After all, what kind of sky is not blue???


The final report, all white clouds and only a teeny-weeny bit of blue sky.


I went onto social media to check the response and saw a lot of outrage.


People are angry- why all white clouds?!


Some people unfriend other people.


Some people want to run to other places with better weather.


Some people say we cannot complain about this weather anymore because we wanted this weather in the first place.


Although the weather is not my ideal weather, it is pretty close.


So reader, I tell you what la,


I live and die by the entrepreneurial mindset and once you adopt it, I guarantee you will find your life more meaningful, more exciting, and more fulfilling.


The entrepreneurial mindset means ah… If base your entire life’s destiny on the freaking weather… I think…cannot la.


With the entrepreneurial mindset, you take destiny into your hands, you try to shape it, change it, and move the world around you.


If that proves too hard…never mind!


You can still adapt, respond, survive, thrive, leverage and exploit changes in your surrounding environment.


If you see problems, you can complain. But make sure after complaining, you do something about it… don’t just sit there and pray for rain! Or wait for the sun to show up!


If you see opportunities, you take it!  Don’t just sit there, and wait for the signs in the weather to tell you what to do.


I tell you, once you have this mindset.  All is good. It doesn’t matter white clouds, blue sky, red sun and all the other crap.  You will make things happen with your own effort.


You will be comfortable in discomfort. You will see problems as opportunities. You will learn adapt to the environment but at the same time, try to forge your own paths.



So, I went to sleep after the weather report.


Wake up to a new day.


Kana sai.  The weather is still hazy…




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